About Us

Clan McDonald Comics, LLC was started in 2016 for me and all my friends & customers I’d been doing business with online.   Owned and operated by Steve McDonald (aka McBastard), we specialize in convention signings, sketch opportunities, and comic sales.


I’m very proud of the friendships and relationships I’ve made with artists and writers in such a short amount of time and love bringing you the best talent out there.


On our Facebook page, we will be posting limited print run books for sale, convention exclusives, private signing opportunities, LIVE artist booth videos at conventions, LIVE hotel room art and print sales, reply auctions, GIVEAWAYS, and updates on conventions I will be attending (and accepting books to have signed or witnessed).


I'm only an Authorized Witness and Dealer for CBCS. We can submit books directly to them for Yellow Label Grading after I've witnessed a signature. And we can submit all your books for Blue grading or Red VSP grading. (CGC only upon request and when possible to work with partner AWs).


Please consider CMC as a trusted source to take your books to conventions.  Like I said, we'll be posting updates frequently regarding upcoming shows I'll be attending as well as my very small group of TRUSTED AW partner opportunities where you can send me books for cons I'm not going to, but other AW's will be at which I trust to take care of your and my needs.


Thanks for checking us out and helping Clan McDonald Comics be a success!!!


Steve McDonald
Owner/ CBCS Certified Dealer and Witness
Clan McDonald Comics